Children in Need 08

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Wallace High School teachers staged a break time extravaganza last week to entertain their pupils and to raise money for Children in Need. They decided to embrace Children in need’s Call to “do something different” by displaying their talents to a packed assembly hall.

The show was hosted by Sixth form students Jordan Humphries and Michael Forde and saw teachers stand on their heads, play musical instruments and dance to disco classics such as “YMCA” and “Dancing Queen”. Head of History Dr Carol Fulton also went form class to class, dressed as Queen Elizabeth, collecting money from her loyal subjects.

Charity Coordinator in Wallace, Grace Bill, commented, “I was delighted that so many staff took up the challenge to “do something different” and that our pupils responded with such generosity, raising almost £1000 for Children in Need.”

Children in Need

Last modified: December 2, 2008