Using iOS 7 / 8’s website blocking features

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With the release of iOS 7, Apple have included some new restrictions that parents can apply to an iPad to help keep their children safe. One of these is a built-in web filtering system which automatically restricts access to websites classed as inappropriate and provides parents with the ability to block/unblock selected sites of their choosing.

To enable this web filter, go to the Settings app on the iPad.

Once in Settings, tap on the General menu item from the left panel. Then scroll down through the right panel until you reach Restrictions.

Once in the Restrictions pane, you will see Enable restrictions at the top. When you tap this you will be asked to create a restrictions passcode (if you have not already). It is essential that you remember this and do not divulge it to your child. If you forget this passcode, there is no way to remove it other than wiping all information on the iPad!

Once you have chosen your 4 digit restrictions passcode, scroll down to Websites and tap on it. The options you will have are:

  • All websites
  • Limit adult content
  • Specific websites only

The one you want is Limit adult content. When you tap this more options will appear below. There are two sections, one for sites you wish to allow through the filter and another for sites you wish to always block.

For instance, if you wish to prevent your child accessing Facebook, you would tap Add website under the Never allow section, and add the following sites.


This will prevent access to Facebook website in Safari. If you want to also stop them from using the Facebook App, please refer to our guide on using Parental Controls to control access to apps.

The filter can be a little over protective at times, but they have built in a simple mechanism to help with this. If the pupil comes across a site which is blocked it will display an Allow website button on the blocked page (example shown below).

iOS 7 Blocking a website. You can override this with your Restrictions Passcode

iOS 7 Blocking a website. You can override this with your Restrictions Passcode


You simply tap that button and enter your restrictions pin code and that site will automatically be added to your allowed sites list.

We would ask that you add the follow sites to the allowed list as they are required for work in school:


Last modified: December 11, 2013