Wallace High School as a Film Location

The Wallace High School welcomes requests from commercial filmmakers for both internal and external location use. The school has featured in a number of professional productions including the feature film ‘Killing Bono’ and the BBC 2 drama series ‘Paula’.

The school offers an array of location opportunities from general classrooms, science classrooms and state of the art computer suites through to gym and sporting facilities. A large assembly hall and additional sports hall offer shooting space for large function and population scenes.

Situated in its own secluded grounds just outside Belfast the school has ample car parking for facilities and large, comfortable rooms for extras and crew. The brief showreel below features the school in ‘Paula’ and ‘Killing Bono’. Please note that some of the Killing Bono section is behind the scenes footage.

Key benefits of filming at Wallace:

  • Over 100 classrooms ranging in size and style.
  • Self contained corridor and library areas.
  • Large auditorium spaces (Assembly Hall, Sports Hall and Gym).
  • Catering Facilities
  • Large holding areas for extras and crew.
  • 5 outdoor sports fields on location.
  • Secluded site just outside Belfast.
  • Ample space for facilities and car parking.
  • A proven track record working on productions for both television and cinema.

Situated just nine miles from Belfast city centre, the secluded Wallace High site is easily accessibly while offering privacy from the public.

Should you wish to discuss filming opportunities at Wallace High School please contact the school directly.