Mrs D O'Hare

The Wallace High School has a proud and rich tradition of academic excellence, pastoral support and extra-curricular provision.
Value for the individual is central to school life and is demonstrated through our shared aims of commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.

A cross community, selective grammar school Wallace welcomes applications from all sections of the Lisburn and wider community.
Whether you are a current, prospective or former student, an interested parent or member of the local community, I trust you find this site informative and illustrative of the breadth and quality of education on offer here.

Mrs D. O'Hare (Principal).

School News

Cooking with a star! Chris Magowan visits Wallace.

Cuisine and Wallace have become closely connected in recent years as much to the delight and pride of our school family we’ve witnessed some amazing achievements from former pupils such as Suzie Lee who triumphed on the BBC show Britain’s Best Home Cook and Chris McClurg...

#MadeInWallace William Roy

William Roy attended Wallace from 1983-1988 when he was taught by teachers who really starred in the Wallace Hall of Fame! He was...

Félictations, James!

Question:  What do Emanuel Macron, a European Prince and haute couture fashion have in common with Wallace Yr 14 student, James...

The sounds of Spring

Wallace’s assembly hall rediscovered not The Sound of Silence (to quote a famous duo) but rather the sounds of orchestra, piano, jazz,...

Ships, sustainability and success for Year 10 students

It’s probably fair to assume that the average Year 10 student doesn’t know a great deal about cargo ships and sustainability but thanks...

Wallace Sport @wallacesport


Hockey Triumph in Dowdall Cup

As a school we pride ourselves on the fact that our boys are proudly competitive and highly successful in both hockey and rugby which is no mean feat in a co-educational school of...

#MadeInWallace Nathan Doak

Former pupil Nathan Doak is currently “living the dream” (to quote Mr Armstrong’s favourite phrase) of every school boy rugby player as he has successfully transitioned to...


Wallace Day 2020 Workout!

Winter warm-up! Bend and stretch for Christmas! The last day of term has been transformed into a series of activities to be enjoyed from the seclusion of living rooms where some...