Mrs D O'Hare

The Wallace High School has a proud and rich tradition of academic excellence, pastoral support and extra-curricular provision.
Value for the individual is central to school life and is demonstrated through our shared aims of commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence.

A cross community, selective grammar school Wallace welcomes applications from all sections of the Lisburn and wider community.
Whether you are a current, prospective or former student, an interested parent or member of the local community, I trust you find this site informative and illustrative of the breadth and quality of education on offer here.

Mrs D. O'Hare (Principal).

School News

Wallace Women- Elizabeth Huddleson

Continuing with our series Wallace Women we introduce Elizabeth Huddleson, current Principal of Bangor Grammar school where, in her own words, she is “mother” to nine hundred boys and possibly some staff members also. As Elizabeth Bryans she was capable of a level of...

Wallace Women- Denise Watson

Denise Watson is a well-known local radio and TV presenter and a current member of Wallace’s Board of Governors. She attended Wallace in...

Wallace Women- Sandra McCabe

We are pleased to introduce what will be a regular website feature. Wallace Women will be a series of profiles of former pupils of the...

Why do you want to cook with Suzie Lee?

Lots of Year 8 wanted to do just that! Year 8 students hoping to win a highly coveted place at this very special event submitted a short...

Wallace Day 2020- Senior Prize Day

Virtual celebration for Senior Prize Day 2020 Covid-19 has played havoc with so many cherished traditions and our annual event, celebrating...

Wallace Sport @wallacesport


Wallace Day 2020 Workout!

Winter warm-up! Bend and stretch for Christmas! The last day of term has been transformed into a series of activities to be enjoyed from the seclusion of living rooms where some...


Schools’ Cup Celebration

Nine months after the devastating announcement by the Schools’ Branch of Ulster Rugby that the hugely anticipated final between Wallace and Royal School Armagh was not to be...


Reuben’s Day

Wallace’s 1XV Captain of 2019/20 Reuben Crothers finally got to raise the historic Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup trophy over his head…but sadly six months after what...