Board of Governors


Mr Andrew Dawson
Mr John Gilliland
Mrs Celia Gourley
Mrs Sandra McCabe (Chair of the Board of Governors)
Mr George McComish
Mr Donald Minshull
Mrs Heather Parker (Chair of the Board of Trustees)
Mr Leonard Pollock

Representatives of the Department of Education

Mrs Evelyn Todd
Two Vacancies

Representatives of SEELB

Mr David Moody
Dr Joanne Stuart
Mrs Denise Watson

Representatives of the Teachers

Miss Alana Frey
Mr Steven Alexander

Representatives of the Parents

Mrs Jill Baird
Mr Barry McMullan

In Attendance at Meetings

Mrs Deborah O’Hare (Principal)
Mr David Atkinson (Vice-Principal)
Mr David Cleland (Vice-Principal)
Mr Robert Burns (Bursar)
Mrs Colleen McDowell (Secretary to the Board)