School Policies

Relevant school documents will be provided via the school website in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. If you have any issues opening the files please contact us :

1. Pastoral

Pastoral Policies- A Statement of Ethos
Attendance Policy
Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy
Pastoral Care Policy
Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy
Target Setting Policy
Uniform Regulations

2. Behaviour Management

Anti-Bullying Policy
Exclusions (Including Suspensions and Expulsions) Policy
Management of Substance Abuse
Positive Behaviour Management Policy
School Uniform Sanctions Policy

3. Curricular

Assessment and Reporting Policy
CEIAG Policy
Curriculum Policy 2023-24
Subject Change Policy

4. Examinations

Exams Disruption Policy
GCSE Controlled Assessment Policy
Internal Assessment Appeals Policy

5. Communication

Complaints Policy
Parent Teacher Communication Policy

6. Digital Technology

Digital Device Acceptable Use Policy
Social Media Policy (PTA)

7. Data Protection and Record Retention

Privacy Notice
CCTV Policy
Data Protection Policy
The Wallace High School Publication Scheme

8. Medical

Administration of Medication
Food Allergies Policy

9. Other

Gifted and Talented Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Personal Valuables Policy
Recognising Sport & Celebrating Sporting Honours Policy
Sports Spectator Policy
Charging and Remissions Years 8-10
Charging and Remissions Years 11-12
Charging and Remissions Sixth Form
Personal accident Policy Summary : Policy Wording
Annual Report 2022-23

Consultation Documents:

School Development Plan 2022-25