And still they ran!

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Wallace is delighted to be able to boast of a team of enthusiastic and gifted young runners who show a commitment to training and performance regardless of weather conditions. The climax of the Cross Country year will be in mid- March when a number of Wallace students will participate in the All Ireland Schools’ Cross Country Championships to be held in Waterford. We look forward to reporting on the progress of our competitors at a later point. A summary of the season to date is recorded below and reflects the depth and strength the school is building in this field of sporting endeavour. As the recent events of the World indoor championships show academic and sporting prowess often go hand in hand!

Wallace boys and girls participated in the annual District B Cross Country Championships; a late decision was made to proceed with the event at Ormeau Park. The wet underfoot conditions making the going heavy for the athletes but they showed admirable resilience and the squad generated some great performances.

Results (Top 40 placings) and Qualifiers from the District to the Ulster Finals:

Mini Girls (Year 8)

  • Anna Hedley 2nd           Qualified
  • Isla Gibson 16th
  • Aoife Watson 34th
  • Zara Jennings 35th
  • Isabelle Law
  • Amy Stewart

TEAM                                                           5TH


Minor Girls (Year 9)

  • Cathy Hempton 6th            Qualified
  • Amy Kirkpatrick 24th
  • Rosie Gilmore 26th
  • Yasmin Moody 27th
  • Poppy Lindsay 30th
  • Lucy Gould 31st

TEAM                                                           5TH


Junior Girls (Year 10)

  • Victoria Lightbody 1st             Qualified
  • Connie Crothers 4th            Qualified
  • Abigail Menown 10th         Qualified

TEAM                                                           1ST


Inter Girls (Years 11/12)

  • Rebecca Wallace 2nd           Qualified
  • Kara McIlroy 21st          Qualified


Mini Boys (Year 8)

  • Harry Lightbody 6th          Qualified
  • Matthew Robinson 18th
  • Lewis Stevenson
  • Benjamin Nicholls
  • Scott Wilson
  • Harry Tubman

TEAM                                                           6th

Minor Boys (Year 9)

  • Charlie Boomer 13th         Qualified
  • Jamie Gray 18th
  • Mark Moody
  • Daryl McCann

TEAM                                                           6TH


Junior Boys (Year 10)

  • Ethan Dunbar 12th         Qualified
  • Daniel Tubman 17th
  • James Murphy 25th
  • Caleb McKenna 34th
  • Ben Andrews      40th

TEAM                                                           5th


The annual event of the Ulster Cross-Country finals brings together all of the strongest runners in each age category who have qualified as individuals, or as teams from each of the five districts.  The following WHS athletes featured well at Ulster level, with a number qualifying for the All Ireland Schools’ Cross- Country Championships, to be held in Waterford in March 2018.  A special mention must go to our Junior Girls’ team, who for a third consecutive year triumphed by winning the Ulster team event, by virtue of their points scored on the individual run.  The trio of Victoria Lightbody, Connie Crothers and Abigail Menown fought hard to retain their title defeating Belfast High School who finished in 2nd, by virtue of a single point.  Best wishes to the three girls and to individual qualifier, Rebecca Wallace, as they head to Waterford.  Anna Hedley, Year 8, will be one to watch next year if she continues her current outstanding form.  The Ulster Finals mark the last race in the school calendar for this age group, so next year will be the first opportunity for Anna to contest for an All-Ireland place. Congratulations to all participants and thanks to their enthusiastic supporters.

Ulster Results

Mini Girls              Anna Hedley                          8th

Junior Girls          Victoria Lightbody            3rd

Junior Girls          Connie Crothers                  9th

Junior Girls          Abigail Menown                  30th

Inter Girls             Rebecca Wallace                 6th

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