Bronze at the Biology Olympiad

Written by | Gifted and Talented

Congratulations go to Year 14 students Georgia Dummigan and Jamie Nicholson who achieved a bronze award in the British Biology Olympiad 2018. This year, over 7800 students participated in the competition and achieving a bronze award puts these students in the top 35% of contestants.

The competition is open to post-16 students studying at school or college and offers students the opportunity to qualify to be part of the team representing the UK at the International Biology Olympiad.  The competition consists of two, 45-minute multiple choice online tests.

These bronze awards represent a superb achievement and an excellent inaugural Olympiad for The Wallace High School.  We hope that Georgia and Jamie’s success will encourage more of our outstanding biologists to take up the baton and continue this success in future competitions.

Last modified: May 25, 2018