School Development Plan 2018-2021

Written by | Principal

The school is currently working on the next School Development Plan. A School Development Plan (SDP) is a statutory requirement, which is designed as a vehicle for school improvement.

Having reached the end of our current plan which focused on Raising Achievement, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Pastoral Care, Pupil and Staff Development, Leadership and Management and Digital Technology, we are sharing with parents some of the key successes of the plan and outlining some of the areas in the new plan.

Key successes in the 2015-18

The key successes in the 2015-18 plan have included establishing our reputation as top performing academic grammar school; a new Induction process for L6 and U6 involving target-setting, tracking and intervention strategies, Action Planning and the establishment of teacher strategy groups; a more joined up approach to Special Educational Needs & Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties; rigorous self-evaluation in all areas (academic, pastoral, e-learning, careers) as well as the completion of the £3.5m investment in the School Enhancement Programme.

The Wallace High School SDP will build on these foundations whilst taking account of the financial constraints all educational establishments are currently experiencing.

Areas identified as priorities for the next 3 years are:

  • Increased Student Achievement,
  • Pastoral Care,
  • Special Educational Needs (including SEBD and Gifted &Talented),
  • Leadership: Staff and Student,
  • Digital Technology in Learning and Teaching,
  • Curriculum Development,
  • Celebrating Success Through Recognition and Rewards for the School
  • Development of a One Staff Culture. (More cross over work and communication between support and teaching staff.

Feedback from parents and guardians is valued If you feel there are any omissions from the list please contact the school using the following form. The consultation on the key priorities Closed on 30th June 2018, thank you to those who responded.

Last modified: July 2, 2018