Sustainability in Action: PTA Pre-loved Uniform Sale Success

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In June we had another successful PTA pre-loved uniform sale. A dedicated band of PTA volunteers, ably led by Mrs Jade Mullin, manned the stall in the link from early morning to late afternoon.  All students had the opportunity to purchase pre-loved uniform items, with all the profits going to PTA funds and reinvested in our school.  In the afternoon, we welcomed the parents of our new Year 8 cohort. They were greatly appreciative of the opportunity to gather some pre-loved items. Many families find it beneficial to have spare items to help ease the burden of washing.

During the pre-loved sale, the PTA raised an amazing £900. Thanks must go to Jade and her team for their support throughout the year, including our lost property facility and pre-loved uniform sales.

Chair of the PTA, Mrs Mullin, commented:

“The resale of pre-loved uniforms is a great way for the PTA to raise funds while providing a much needed service to our parents.”

Our pre-loved uniform sales are now well-established events on our school calendar.  The PTA are keenly aware of the environmental impact of uniforms being discarded. They are also acutely aware of the financial cost of new uniforms for growing students.  Many items are outgrown long before the end of their life.  The PTA pre-loved uniform sales allow quality items to get a second chance, keeping perfectly usable items out of landfills and raising money for the school at the same time.

Principal Mrs O’Hare stated:

“I am delighted with the success of the PTA pre-loved sale and their renewed drive to recycle uniform items, which embodies our sustainable ethos in Wallace High School.  Opportunities like this empower students to do their bit, live more sustainably and allow families to contribute to the school.”

Links to the Curriculum

In our Project Based Learning (PBL) fortnight, students have investigated environmental issues across the curriculum. The Religious Studies (RS) Department focused on ‘Fast Fashion’ at Key Stage 3 for their PBL project. The PTA sale coincided with this area perfectly.  Miss Crummy and Mrs Hawthorne are avid supporters of the pre-loved clothing market, including uniforms.  

Head of RS, Miss Crummy, reflected:

“Our students have investigated Fast-Fashion during PBL. They have looked at companies that create micro-trends, encouraging disposable fashion and a short life span of a clothing item. Many of these trends spread through celebrities endorsing brands which operate sweatshops. The PBL fortnight gave students a chance to consider the environmental and human impact of this industry, especially the treatment of workers and the importance of advocacy for the vulnerable. Several pupils in Year 8 and Year 9 reflected upon pre-loved items of uniform that they recently purchased from the PTA sale and encouraged others to avail of this worthwhile service.”

Do you need a uniform?

The PTA plans to hold several pre-loved uniform sales in the next academic year.  Our stock depends mainly on donations. If you wish to donate any items in good condition, please leave these at the front office, or students can hand them to Dr Shepherd.  Please wash any items that you plan to donate. 

We also access lost property for unclaimed and unnamed items at the end of each term. A reminder to parents to name all PE and uniform items so they can be reunited with their owners if lost.

In the future, we hope to provide the opportunity for families to access pre-loved stock throughout the year, as we know those legs just keep growing.  Dr Shepherd, supported by many staff, has been sorting, washing, labelling and organising our store to make this more accessible.

We want to thank everyone in the wider Wallace Community who has supported our pre-loved sales.

Get in touch

If you require any specific uniform requirements, please email and we will check availability.  If we do not have an item in stock it may also be possible to obtain pre-loved items from ‘The SUB Lisburn’ who stock a wide range of uniforms for many local schools.  


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Last modified: June 25, 2024