A December Challenge- Dander to Delhi!

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Can you channel your inner Captain Tom? Will you walk for hope? Wallace has been involved with the charity Asha, which works with slum-dwellers in New Delhi, since 2014 whilst our Senior Teacher Mr Steven Alexander first travelled to India to see their work when he was a sixth former at Ballymena Academy. Over 700,000 people in 91 slum colonies in New Delhi benefit from the charity’s work.  Each year Friends of Asha Ireland send over £50,000 to India which has been raised through the fundraising efforts of schools and faith communities. In 2020, due to Covid 19, no groups have travelled and this has had a huge impact on Asha whose Covid warriors have been courageously battling the pandemic to bring hope to one of the world’s poorest communities.

Asha Ireland is participating in a collaborative project to complete a virtual walk to Delhi, a distance of 4,354 miles and is looking for participants from the Wallace family to support the Asha family. You can walk, you can run but they don’t want you to look away from this appeal! You can choose the number of miles you want to walk and as you walk in Ireland there will be another walk in India; children, women, elderly people and the unemployed will be joining in as they walk in New Delhi.

As detailed in our Lockdown in Mayapuri post (June 2020) the charity has been delivering food parcels, masks and child nutrition support packs and seeing an unprecedented level of need at a time when their income is falling dramatically. If you are interested in participating in this challenge please click here!

Last modified: November 20, 2020