Adventure Day is 10!

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Castlewellan Forest Park was the venue for Wallace’s tenth Adventure Day for our Year 8 students. Introduced to Wallace’s induction programme by Senior Teacher Mr J Reid, Adventure Day swiftly became a highly anticipated event…and that’s not exclusively by the staff!  

Designed to encourage team-work, foster friendships and provide physical and mental challenges, Adventure Day provides a host of activities in the scenic setting of the park.  Craig from Outdoor Concepts, our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme partner, had planned a number of exciting physical challenges which complemented a range of activities designed by Mr Reid. Fun was had on both land and water as canoeing proved itself simultaneously the most anticipated and most dreaded event of the day! Nerves conquered, our valiant Year 8 students took to the not so choppy waters of the lake and also channelled their inner Robin Hood (or Maid Marion) for the ever popular archery. The theory that you never forget how to ride a bike was challenged by some (teachers…that may be you) whilst others resembled potential Olympians.

For the Senior Prefect Team it was a trip down the proverbial “Memory Lane” as they recalled their own Year 8 escapades; the general consensus was that Adventure Day remains “brilliant fun!”

The staff involved have no doubts about the value of the day as Mr Reid noted:

“It’s a great opportunity for the pupils to have fun, to experience challenges in a controlled environment and to bond with their peers. The pupils and teachers get to chat in a relaxed setting and this really is a Wallace memory to be cherished. Thanks, as ever, to the PTA for their generosity.”

Last modified: November 17, 2021