Celebrating success with GCSE excellence at Wallace

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A core value at Wallace is excellence and this was reflected in the performance of the GCSE pupils;  87% of the GCSE grades awarded to Wallace’s students were A* to B. Two pupils, Aisling Gardiner and Georgia Nicolls, attained a staggering 12 A* grades each and 57 pupils (one third of the year group) have currently achieved a minimum of 8 A grades.

2019 represented the first year of results for the new GCSE specifications and the introduction of the C* grade in Northern Ireland. Unchartered waters are always difficult to navigate but the Wallace pupils have certainly found their routes to academic success with the vast majority of pupils set to return to the much-anticipated venue of the Sixth Form Centre. More than a few pupils were looking forward to triumphantly removing the labels from their new Sixth Form uniforms!

Reflecting upon the morning’s events Wallace Principal Mrs Deborah O’Hare said:

“This year I experienced results day as both Principal and parent so I have a clear idea of how parents and pupils felt during the last two years and today. GCSE really is the most demanding phase of a pupil’s academic experience because of the wide range of subjects studied and the sheer number of papers over a six or seven week period. I congratulate both our pupils and their parents on their perseverance! This year was always going to be stressful for everyone as it is difficult to predict outcomes with new specifications but I was always confident that the commitment of my teaching staff, coupled with the ability and determination of our young people, would result in great outcomes. Today we celebrate whole-heartedly with them and next week we’ll be urging them to step up to the new challenges of AS study. I look forward to welcoming them back and to our leavers who have chosen different pathways I wish every happiness and success in the future. To our many feeder schools I say thank you for the excellent work completed in the primary phase. We are building on firm foundations.”

Last modified: August 22, 2019