Covid-19 adversity results in triumph

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Wallace’s GCSE students have generated record-breaking results following the traumatic disruption of their studies by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a year group of 180 students, 60% of all grades achieved were at A*/A and almost 90% of grades were at A*/B. Three students (Lilia Houston, Max Kamalarajah and Luke Nase) achieved 11 A* grades, five students achieved 10 A* grades and 1 A, one student 10 A* grades, three students 9A* grades and 2 A grades whilst twenty-two students attained 11 A* /A grades. The entire year group achieved the Inspectorate benchmarking standards.

The magnitude of the challenge of GCSE and GCSE modules for this cohort of students cannot be overlooked because they had been deprived of much of the customary examination practice that enables students to fine-tune examination skills. Add to this the anxieties felt by many, the practical difficulties generated by absence, quarantine, illness and its aftermath and their achievements really fall into perspective. It is gratifying to note that given the scepticism expressed in some quarters about the integrity of centre determined grades (issued in 2020 and 2021) Wallace’s CCEA awarded grades in 2022 are higher than the 2021 outcomes!

Principal Mrs Deborah O’Hare said:

“I am thrilled for our young people and for their parents and their teachers. Over the past three years we have all faced immense challenges and our young people have responded with fortitude and resilience. Staff have gone the proverbial “extra mile” in their efforts to plug gaps in knowledge and to refine examination technique. I have no doubt that Wallace’s status as a centre of innovation and excellence in ICT really assisted our students in the lockdowns and during periods of individual absence. Our parents, who are our partners in all we do, have offered encouragement and support both to their own children and to the wider school community. I am especially proud to note in sporting terms the number of PBs (personal bests) as so many young people have made significant strides as they ran the final lap of a long, challenging race. I offer to all my sincerest congratulations and look forward to welcoming them back to school.”    

Last modified: August 26, 2022