Emily wins the ‘Celia Gourley Scholarship’ award!

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Congratulations must go to former deputy head girl, Emily Cairns, on her outstanding achievement at A-level! Having been placed first in the WHS A-Level Music class of 2017, Emily has been awarded the ‘Celia Gourley Scholarship.’ From 2013, this has been an award given annually to the top Wallace Music student, consisting of a fantastic and generous donation of £3,500! Board of Governor, Mrs Gourley, (A former pupil of Wallace with a love of music!) established the award, after seeing at close hand, the needs of music students at third level. The cost of instruments and masterclasses is very high, on top of the standard university fees and accommodation that all university students have to pay. Brilliantly, Mrs Gourley’s award goes a long way to helping with these costs! Having achieved 4 A* at A-Level, Emily has accepted her offer to read music at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, as well as a choral scholarship in Corpus Christi Chapel Choir.

Emily commented, “I am very grateful to have received the ‘Celia Gourley Scholarship’ this year, which will go a long way in helping with my musical education at university! I’m hoping to put it towards instrumental and vocal lessons. I would like to thank Mrs Gourley for her generosity in providing this bursary each year.”

Head of Music, David Falconer, expressed, “Throughout Emily’s school career she has shown tremendous dedication to the musical life of Wallace. Her contributions in the prep plays, in school shows and in all the choirs and orchestras have only gone to further show that hard work and dedication brings huge rewards! I would like to offer my congratulations to Emily and I look forward to following her progress in Corpus Christi!”

Last modified: September 12, 2017