Food bank manager’s message “ Don’t struggle alone.”

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Wallace former pupil Lynsey Agnew and current manager of the Lisburn Foodbank based in Graham Gardens has spoken of a “ phenomenal growth in the use of the service.” In a series of direct comparisons between 2019 and 2020 Lynsey illustrated a near 500% “ increase in poverty year on year.”

  1. 3. 2019 – 8. 5. 2019 Households supported 104 feeding 230 people
  1. 3. 2020 – 8. 5. 2020 Households supported 513 feeding 1131 people

Stock distributed:

  1. 3. 2019 – 8. 5. 2019 = 2744kg of food directly to clients
  1. 3. 2020 – 8. 5. 2020 = 11242 kg of food directly to clients

The reasons for the dramatic rise in need relate to a range of factors such as sudden unemployment, a significant drop in income due to the furlough scheme and delays in payment from government schemes. Lynsey is keen to highlight that locally, as in the UK and the USA, many people are having to unexpectedly look for help and her message was clear:

“ Support is there. Don’t struggle alone. Support is available for each and every person who needs it.”

Lynsey expressed her gratitude to those who have donated online to the work of the Foodbank and to those local churches who have recommenced collections of food. She noted:

“ There is a real need for cleaning products and hygiene products at present. As lockdown lifts we will be able to open up availability of our wraparound support which offers training in budgeting, employability skills, debt advice, cookery and household management, parenting support and our new programme of mental health resilience.”

There is a need for volunteer drivers and Lynsey can be contacted at

Financial donations to the foodbank can be made at

Last modified: May 19, 2020