German Debating Success

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Wallace High School Sixth Years visited QUB last week to take part in the annual German Debating Competition.

The team, Emma McDowell, Nathan Fairley, Ryan Simpson and Jack Campbell, ably supported by teacher Kerrie Ferguson and Swiss native Language Assistant Sarah, had a week to prepare their topic.

Kerrie Ferguson explained, “This annual competition saw eight schools from across the province come together to explore current affairs in Germany, engage in German culture and improve their language skills.”

Wallace faced Belfast Royal Academy, debating the controversial notion ‘Social Media does not make us anti-social’.

Following a hotly contested, high standard of debate with cohesive arguments and complex use of language, Wallace won their debate, with Ryan Simpson being named Best Speaker.

Yr 14 student Emma McDowell who was the team captain commented,

“Despite not being the overall winners, our day at QUB was incredibly worthwhile and taking part has improved our confidence enormously. It was also fantastic to hear our classmates from FSL in their debate against MCB. We’d like to thank Miss Ferguson and Sarah for their support. I’d encourage all linguists to take part in such opportunities and thanks go to QUB for organising such an exciting event.”

Last modified: June 15, 2020