Hope in Action: Asha update

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In October an intrepid team of Wallace students, accompanied by their equally adventurous teachers, faced an enormous cultural challenge as they encountered the slums of Delhi and the materially impoverished communities there. Working with the charity Asha which means ” hope” in Hindi the Wallace group soon discovered that the charity aspires to give young people and their communities the confidence to believe that their hopes of a better future can become realities.

The Wallace students were working in the Mayapuri slum; they helped to decorate the Asha centre by painting murals, teaching English and organising a wide range of fun activities for the children. Staff and pupils had donated a range of gifts to be distributed which varied from reading materials to brightly coloured clothing to craft resources. Glitter and loom bands proved to be great hits proving some items really do have worldwide appeal!

The team donated just under £15,000 (excluding Gift Aid) to the charity and Wallace Principal Mrs Deborah O’Hare has recently heard from India how the money will be used. Fancy Anitha (Programme Co-ordinator Asha Community Health and Development Society) is also responsible for the society’s international relations with schools. Accountability is a key factor in the work of a charity and Wallace staff and pupils are delighted to know how the funds are being allocated. Education is seen as the key to progress and empowerment and the greater part of the Wallace donation is funding 11 young people who are going to college. The charity will pay for the students’ admission costs, college preparation workshops, tuition fees, books, new clothes (so the students will not feel out of place) stationery and other miscellaneous expenses. As our own senior pupils approach landmark examinations it is heartening to know that we have contributed to helping final year secondary school students prepare for tertiary education. Selected students will have specialised preparation for the final examination and enjoy the benefit of additional resources such as past papers and workshop sessions on examination skills. Clearly preparation for university has common elements around the globe!

Fancy concluded her email to the Principal with the following words: “I once again share my gratitude for all the support Wallace High School is offering to Asha community under your leadership and I sincerely hope that the partnership continues for the years to come.”

Mrs O’Hare commented: “I am delighted to hear from Fancy these very precise details of how our school family is supporting individual students in Delhi. It is a privilege to act as life changers for these young people who, in their turn, will change the lives of others in their community.”

Last modified: March 9, 2017