Rainy day but smiling faces at Wallace: GCSE Results Day

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“Here we go again” isn’t just the title of this summer’s must see movie; it is also a reflection of the continued excellence of Wallace students’ results. Six students ( Jasmine Cairns, Beth Campbell, Mya Cheung, Thomas Crosby, Holly Mackin and Anna Trimble) attained an astonishing 66 A* grades with 11 apiece! A further 21 students achieved a clean sweep of A*/ A grades and over 50% of all the grades awarded to Wallace students were at A*/A. Teachers were equally delighted with the A*/ B % as over 80% of grades were at this level.

GCSE can be regarded as the most challenging phase of academic study; many Wallace students were taking examinations in 11 subjects. The range of subjects, the extended time period of the examination season and the awareness that GCSE results can significantly impact  future options all combine to represent formidable challenges for 16 year olds. Results Day is a day to celebrate, a recognition that  hard work, past papers, familiarity with the CCEA website and abstinence from Netflix really will pay dividends. Supportive parents, tea, chocolate and Post-it notes also gained a lot of credit from the jubilant students.

Wallace’s Principal, Mrs O’Hare, commented:

“ Results Day is always a joyful event in the school year. Nerves are inevitable as the day approaches but our tradition at Wallace is one of excellence. This year’s students have shown themselves to be committed and resilient over the past two years of study. They have experienced exemplary pastoral support from their Year staff, Mrs Millen and Miss Ferguson, and their subject teachers have provided them with first class teaching. Wallace prides itself on its blend of academic rigour, pastoral support and richness of opportunity and I am delighted that so many of our students will be able to remember other milestones of these GCSE years. So many students play for our school teams week by week, others are in the choir or orchestra and that is only their school life! I also want to highlight and congratulate those students whose results may superficially appear more modest. Not every student can gain straight A* grades but every teacher feels immense pride in those students who strive to achieve their personal potential, perhaps transforming a C grade in the mock GCSE to a B grade now.

To our students and their parents I offer my sincerest congratulations and to my teaching staff I offer my warmest thanks for their commitment and professionalism. Wallace students know the debt they owe to teachers, both here and in their primary schools. I often say this, but it bears repeating, I am immensely proud to be the Principal of Wallace High School.  I will never grow tired of days like this.”

Last modified: August 23, 2018