Record breakers: 46% of grades A*- A

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The class of 2018 set a new record for AS results in 2017 and they have bettered their own performance producing the school’s best ever A2 results with an outstanding 80% of grades achieved at A*-B. A minimum of 3 A*-C grades was achieved by an impressive 86% of all Wallace’s Year 14 students. This was ground-breaking territory as 2018 marks the completion of the first series of CCEA’s “new” specification which sees A2 weighted at 60% of the final award of an A level grade. Wallace’s class of 2018 had laid excellent foundations last year in the AS phase and it was gratifying to see how many students maintained their top grades. Encouragement and inspiration for the incoming Year 14 students can be drawn from the fact that some students achieved a two grade improvement upon their AS performance. Due to the miracles of modern technology the atmosphere in school on results day is slightly more muted than it used to be; students at both AS and A2 levels can log on to the internet to get their data from both CCEA (the examinations body) and UCAS so students arrive at school already knowing if that coveted university place has been won. Even with prior knowledge smiles and tears are part of the fabric of results day as students gather to meet with their peers and teachers creating a final memory of schooldays.

At A2 level 32 students achieved a minimum of 3 A grades with 6 students gaining 3 or more A* grades. The school’s top performers at A2 were Nikita Dowie and Peter Scott with 3A* and 1 A grade each. Nikhita’s sister Iona, a GCSE award winner with CCEA in 2017, was one of 10 students who achieved an exemplary 4 A grades at AS level. The school’s top GCSE students of 2017, Julie Yeow and Amy Warke, maintained their record of academic brilliance by recording 4 A grades and congratulations are also due to David Anderson, Megan Bell, Jack Campbell, Ben Curry, Kirsty Dawson, Charis Thompson and Neil Thompson for achieving the same phenomenal feat!!

In terms of “family fortunes” it wasn’t so much “double trouble” as twin successes for our many sets of twins sitting AS and A2 levels; the siblings attained an astonishing 36 A* -B grades between them.

Evaluating the AS results the Principal observed:

“ I am delighted that this year’s AS results are almost identical to last year’s record breaking performance and hope that the students will take inspiration from the 2018 leavers in striving to achieve even more in the A2 year. These results are an eloquent testimony to the dedication and excellence of the Wallace staff and their ability to enthuse the students who in return have shown ability and determination.”

Reflecting upon the school’s A2 performance the Principal added:

“ 2018 marks the first year of the completion of the new A2 specifications with A2 weighted at 60%. I am delighted that this cohort of students built upon the record foundation they established at AS level in 2017 and am also encouraged to note that some students achieved significant improvements upon their AS grades which is a testament to the values of determination and perseverance. I am also delighted to note that many students achieved their predicted grades which suggests they met their potential I hope that the many teachers in our excellent local feeder primary schools will share in our pleasure at these results as they played a vital role in the education of all these young people.”


Last modified: August 22, 2018