Top grades for Wallace : A record year at A Level

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The students, staff, parents and community of Wallace are celebrating record A Level results this year.  An impressive 41% of the grades achieved by the 140 students were A* or A.  The highest number of students on record achieved 3 or more A*-C, this year it is a very pleasing 87%.  31 students achieved 3 or more A* with some very high performances as follows:

5A* – Aristotle Epanomeritakis
4A* – Jordan Taggart
4A* – Emily Cairns

A further 6 students achieved at least 3A* grades.

Mrs O’Hare, Principal, commented as follows:

“The Upper Sixth of 2016-17 has always been a hardworking group of young people, it has been our pleasure in school to support them for the last 7 years.  Whilst not every student is capable of achieving straight A* grades, what is particularly rewarding to see is that our students have met their potential.  This was the culmination of the first year of transfer using AQE tests.  It is clear now that with excellent pastoral care, excellent teaching and learning those students with AQE scores of 101 and above can perform very well.  Many students whose AQE scores lay in the 101-105 band have achieved A and B grades at A Level.”

The Principal also expressed her delight at the AS results this year.

“Once again our students at AS last year achieved the highest % of 3+ A-C on record.  AS is now worth 40% of the overall A Level so Upper Sixth is a challenging year and I am confident that this hardworking group of students will build on these foundations.  41% of the grades awarded were at A with 13 students achieving 3A grades and 17 achieving 4A grades.”

Mrs O’Hare thanked parents for all their support, highlighted the dedication and expertise of the staff of Wallace and recognised the important contributions made by the local Primary Schools in building excellent foundations for these young people.


Last modified: August 18, 2017