Wallace welcomes 2026 leavers

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Another school year has begun and the school has officially opened its doors to the group who will become our 2026 leavers! The fresh- faced year 8 pupils, attired in remarkably tidy uniforms for the customary photoshoots, have already completed a couple of weeks and are looking forward immensely to the Year 8 Adventure Day on 27th September when they will enjoy the delights of archery, canoeing, orienteering and general fun!

Wallace is a family and when we sampled some of our class sets for a game of “Wallace Trivia” we found some interesting statistics:

  • On average each set had at least 10 students whose parents attended the school
  • Spanish is more frequently taught than French in our feeder primary schools
  • A huge % said playing for a school team was an ambition
  • Over 25% hoped to be involved with Music

Some of our new pupils have a distinguished Wallace pedigree as their families feature former Head Boys, Head Girls, Oxbridge entrants, Burney Cup winners and international games players…no pressure!

Various extra-curricular activities have begun and we pride ourselves on trying to offer a range of clubs and societies which hopefully cater to every taste; sports are fully represented but we also have a series of clubs linked directly to subject areas in addition to choir, orchestra, SU, Eco-Club and a wealth of others. Participation in clubs and societies is a great way to make friends in different sets and years and the Year 8 pastoral staff will be encouraging the pupils to try out new activities. We look forward to getting to know our new pupils better and to seeing them perform in the always eagerly anticipated Year 8 concert on 22nd October.

Last modified: June 15, 2020