School Enhancement Programme

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Update August 2016

Welcome to the first article providing information on the progress being made in our School Enhancement Programme (SEP).

The SEP involves the construction of a new Home Economics (HE), Art and Design and Moving Image Arts (MIA) teaching block, a new Strength and Conditioning Suite with new changing facilities and an extension to the Technology block. The contract also includes the relocation of 4 existing mobile classrooms for the duration of the building programme.

The Project Board Team, made up of the Principal, the Bursar, the architects (PHP Belfast), the DENI representatives Anne Conaty and Philip Henry and the Chairman of the Team, George McComish (Governor and Trustee) will meet about every two months.

After these meetings the Principal will produce a report on progress and it will be published on the school website for staff, pupils, parents, governors, neighbours and the press.

Report on August Meeting

The enabling work for the Art, HE and MIA block began on 15 August and is due to be completed on 21 September. This work involves the establishment of site works, site entrance alterations and the relocation of 4 existing classrooms. The mobiles have already been relocated and electricity reconnected; this timeframe looks realistic for the enabling works to be completed.

There has been some modifications to car parking arrangements for staff, the fire evacuation arrangements and the sharp right turn up to the tennis court area has been widened to allow for large vehicular access. The security hut and barrier have both been removed from this area and the barrier has been relocated close to the main gate entrance.

The approximate timelines for construction are as follows:

Construction of the two storey extension (Art, HE, MIA) – end of September 2016 to end of December 2017.

Fitness Suite – late October 2016 to February 2018

Technology Extension – February 2018 to August 2018.

The heavy work will be carefully planned around examination times to ensure there is no impact on examination halls during external examinations. In addition to meeting key deadlines, the focus of the Project Team Meetings is planning in advance how to minimise disruption to learning and teaching.

Mrs D O’Hare
1 September 2016

Last modified: March 8, 2017