Farewell to the class of 2021

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When the chronicles of Wallace High School come to be written and the 150th anniversary of its founding celebrated in 2030 the class of 2021 will have a unique entry! The class of 2021 had the misfortune to be what may become known as the “Covid group” ( or perhaps the rainbow generation given the dominance of that symbol) and will enter university without having formally completed their AS and their A2 papers in an examination hall. They experienced two years of missing out: some were deprived of playing in the Schools’ Cup final of 2020 and playing rugby at all in 2021;  others missed out on their final opportunities to play in the legendary competitions of the boys’ hockey season; chances to sing in the choirs or play in the orchestra were restricted; all sorts of extra- curricular activities couldn’t happen; even the legendary Christmas Pie was a non-event!

The class of 2021 could be forgiven for thinking they’ve had a disappointing two years but at their recent farewell to school events they demonstrated the creativity, humour and resilience which have become their hallmarks. Following a few busy weeks at school which saw them uncomplainingly complete a series of assessments they finished the year in a very colourful fashion! Traditionally Y14 pupils abandon their uniforms for a few days to enjoy the comfort of their PJs ( familiar garb for the last year!) and themed days; the class of 2021 really raised the bar for future groups! To the delight of younger pupils and the staff were met with a bag of skittles ( eat your heart out, tellytubbies) the cast of Scooby-do, flower-power hippies, super- heroes and so many, many more. They were a joy to behold!

At their formal leavers’ assembly Head of Year Mr Ian Latham paid warm tribute to the group praising their determination, good humour and resilience in the most challenging of circumstances. His weekly quiz had been a highlight for many throughout the long lockdowns although the quality of answers sometimes led him to conclude “ Your teachers would be ashamed!” Head Boy Max Taylor and Head Girl Zoe Kilpatrick gave excellent farewell speeches with Max noting “We can’t let this year define our time here at school” and Zoe suggesting that it had been a rollercoaster of a year summed up effectively in “a secret to happiness” which was defined as “ letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.” Enduring friendships will be the legacy of this group of students and they have the dubious consolation of knowing that in years to come their experiences will become curriculum content

Last modified: May 28, 2021