Preparatory Department Launches Hot Chocolate Thursdays

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Waiting with exciting anticipation to see if you will be called to the Head Teacher’s office is, perhaps, not what many of us would associate with our own school days. However, that is exactly what is happening within our Preparatory Department thanks to the introduction of monthly ‘Hot Chocolate Thursdays.’

The initiative comes from Pivotal Education who work with schools to promote the recognition of positive behaviour in schools and giving first attention to the very best conduct.

The idea of Hot Chocolate Thursday is for each teacher to nominate one pupil who has gone ‘over and above’ during the month to share a hot drink and a chat with our Head of Preparatory Department, Mr Lawther.

Head of Preparatory Mr Richard Lawther commented, ‘We are really excited to launch this new initiative and what better way to end the end the month that with your hands around a mug of warm, comforting chocolate, especially on a cool autumn or winter day. Our aim is for Hot Chocolate Thursday to become a ripple of recognition throughout our school that starts at the top. In our experience and despite what they might tell their parents, pupils don’t need fancy presents and expensive gifts they just want simple recognition. Our Hot Chocolate Thursdays highlight pupils who have gone ‘over and above’. It’s an opportunity to spend time with members of the school who get on quietly but who may feel they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. It delivers pride not pounds. I would like to thank the pupils for their continuing hard work and effort in all areas of school as well as the staff who had the very difficult job of nominating the pupils. I look forward to welcoming many more pupils for a Hot Chocolate in the months ahead.”

Last modified: October 1, 2018