Wallace’s (mini) Covid Warriors

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Finding a Coronavirus vaccine has become the holy grail of scientific research as all over the world scientists are collaborating in a relentless search for a successful vaccine whilst the accuracy, efficiency and speed of testing for Covid 19 is another concern. The pandemic has not impacted all sections of society equally and a major question for researchers is why children can contract the virus but rarely suffer significant symptoms.

Two mini Covid warrriors , Prep Department pupils Harry and Evie Parr, stepped up to be superheroes ( and not a cape in sight!) by donating antibodies at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital for a research project in conjunction with Queen’s University, Belfast. The team’s work centres around developing a rapid Covid 19 test and, of course, that crucial collaborative work on vaccine research.

Harry and Evie are the children of former Wallace pupils Philip and Joanne who, as a physiotherapist and doctor, understand the crisis better than most. Justly proud mum Joanne shared her pride on social media noting:

“… they were the bravest wee duo at the hospital getting blood tests, chatting to the researchers and being Covid warriors.”

Harry and Evie join Mr Monteith, Mrs Palmer, Mr Calvert, Mr Cleland and other volunteers for the PPE project on our 2020 list of Wallace’s Coronavirus heroes. Well done!

Last modified: May 26, 2020