Wallace Day 2020 Workout!

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Winter warm-up! Bend and stretch for Christmas!

The last day of term has been transformed into a series of activities to be enjoyed from the seclusion of living rooms where some may be lounging on settees clad in festive pyjamas, having already cracked open a box of Maltesers. Naturally, this is not the Wallace Way so, to get the holidays off to an active start we have not one but two inspirational physical activities.

Former pupil, local physiotherapist and Pilates guru Andrea Lucas will be leading a Pilates session to give everyone an opportunity to stretch the stress out of their spines and see if they are as well-balanced as a heavily decorated Christmas tree. Paul Heasley will provide an exercise class to wake up any sleepy-heads and energise them for the day ahead.

Please follow the links below to join the classes:

Andrea Lucas Pilates Session:

You will need a towel or mat to lie on and a towel for a head cushion. The password is: 123456

Paul Heasley Exercise Class:

The PE staff and coaches wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and don’t forget that improvement in fitness is always a good resolution for the New Year. See you in January!

Last modified: January 4, 2021