Welcome to Wallace

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6706.jpgThe Wallace High School held a special induction afternoon for its new Year 8 pupils last week.

Upon arrival the new pupils were greeted by Form Staff Mrs Norma Cairns and Mrs Gillian Carson before being escorted to their classrooms by current Year 8 pupils. They then had the opportunity to meet their class tutors and learn about daily life in the Clonevin Park School, hearing about such topics as new subjects, the House System and extra curricular sports, clubs and societies.

Each class set then took part in a series of fun activities such as drama, music and orienteering, which helped them get to know their classmates and the layout of the school. Parents were also welcomed by Principal Mrs Anne McBride and over afternoon tea they had the chance to speak to Year 8 Form staff and members of the Parent Teacher Association.

Head of Year 8 Mrs Norma Cairns commented,”We in Wallace were delighted to meet our new Year 8 pupils during the first stage of our induction programme this week. We hope they have a relaxing summer and we look forward to welcoming them back in August at the start of the new academic year.”


Last modified: February 24, 2016