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On a bright October Tuesday the Year 11 Food and Nutrition classes enjoyed an informative (and fun) visit to the local Draynes Farm. Attractively attired in white coats, blue hair nets and toning blue shoe covers the pupils toured the milk processing plant learning about pasteurisation, bottling and storage. Following a very popular sampling of Draynes Farm delicious ice cream the pupils explored the farm observing the newborn calves in their tiny ‘hotels’, watching over 100 cattle feed on silage and getting a close up view of the modern robot milking system in action. Chris from Draynes Farm was a fantastic guide and gave us a useful insight into the pressures facing this type of intensive farming; the on-going political and practical complexities of the current Brexit situation can never far from the minds of those involved in the dairy industry. Despite such concerns our pupils received a great welcome and are well equipped to apply their experience to their GCSE Food and Nutrition course.

Following the visit Head of Department Mrs Abigail Bittle observed:

“ We are immensely grateful to the management and staff of Draynes Farm for this highly educational and equally enjoyable visit. The dairy industry is of substantial economic importance to Northern Ireland and it was a privilege to see the industry at such close quarters!”

Last modified: June 15, 2020