Enduring Bonds

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“The years I spent at Wallace were some of the best of my life so far. I made lifelong friends and had endless opportunities and learning experiences that have opened many doors for me since. Despite having left many moons ago I silently cheered and punched the air when both my boys gave it their thumbs up as first choice for their post primary education.

Now I get to visit it again on a regular basis… albeit mainly the car park for hockey, art, drama or SU after school pickups. It feels like coming home. I guess you can take the girl out of the school but you can’t take the school out of the girl.

“I’m now in my second year at Wallace and absolutely loving it. Wallace to me means great friendships, new experiences, fantastic opportunities and … sport! Hockey all winter, cricket and tennis all summer … it’s like having a constant supply of candy!

Obviously there are homeworks and revision to fit in too but the extra curricular activities definitely keep things sweet! I think it’s great that my mum went to Wallace. My uncle was a pupil too and now my brother. Hopefully my sister will join us too in a few years time! Wallace is becoming a tradition in our family!”

“I’ve been in Year 8 since September. I wasn’t nervous at all about coming to Wallace. My brother had told me so many fantastic things about it that I couldn’t wait to start and I haven’t been disappointed. I love all the new subjects such as Science and French and there are so many clubs to join the main difficulty is choosing which to go to. I’ve made lots of friends and the fingerprint payment method in the canteen is cool.

My mum is so patriotic about Wallace it can’t help rubbing off on us. She was Deputy Head Girl in 1990, which seems like a long time ago but there are still the same Houses, the Christmas Pie and even some teachers from back then! There were no iPads though!! I’m proud of what my mum has achieved and if Wallace was good enough for her it is definitely good enough for me!”

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Last modified: January 19, 2018