A Parents’ Guide to Facebook

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There is no doubt Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world being a great way to keep up with old school friends, share photos or generally socialise online. Users must be 13 to join Facebook and once your child signs up how to ensure their safety online?

1. Be their Friend

As soon as your child signs up for Facebook why not do the same and add them as a friend. This means you can keep a parental eye over their friends list the content they are putting online.

2. Ensure Privacy is Correct

Have a strict privacy policy and only share content with the people on your friends list. Don’t be tempted by Friends of Friends as this could actually open your content to literally 100s if not 1000s of people who you don’t actually know. Click on the Accounts button on the top right and select the ‘Privacy’ option.

3. Read the Parents’ Guide to Facebook

The Parents’ guide to Facebook is designed to help you understand what Facebook is and how to use it safely. With it, you will be better informed and able to communicate with young Facebook users in your life more effectively. That’s important because, if something goes wrong, we want our children to come to us and, as the Internet becomes increasingly social and mobile, a parent’s guidance and support are ever more key to young people’s well-being in social media and technology. The guidebook is published in partnership with the iKeepSafe Coalition. You download the book in PDF Format here (Free).

If you are a past pupil or parent of a current pupil at Wallace why now join the school Facebook group here.

Last modified: May 12, 2023