Advice for Parents: Following the Publication of AQE Results

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The Principal hopes that the following ‘commonly asked questions’ and ‘responses’ provides parents with some useful information. Please note all the advice relates to the previous 6 years’ intake.

Question: My child has a score of 106. Should he/she apply to Wallace?

Response: Yes, all applicants with a score of 106 or above have been accepted in the last 6 years. The advice is to choose Wallace as first preference.

Question: My child has an unexpectantly high score of 120+. Is the school well equipped to meet his/her gifted/talented needs?

Response: Yes, the school has an individualised Gifted and Talented Programme which uses AQE as well as other standardised scores and internal assessment scores, to ensure the progress of very able young people is well supported and challenged.

The Principal is happy to discuss this further with you. Please make an appointment to see her if you would like more information. We have evidence that this programme has been highly successful as the first cohort of high scoring AQE pupils have now completed their GCSEs and other qualifications/schemes and residentials.

Question: My child has a score of 101 and is the eldest child or only child. Is he/she more or less likely to gain entry than a child with a score of 105?

Response: This will depend on in which band we are oversubscribed. Based on the past 6 years’ information I trust the following is helpful: Applicants with a score in the band 101-105, if this is the oversubscribed band, are selected using the Stage 2 non-academic criteria (see page 42 of our online prospectus).

We have normally been in a position to accept those with a parent who attended, who have a sibling here or who are the eldest/only child irrespective of their score 101-105.

Question: My child has a score of 98, should he/she apply to Wallace?

Response: Although this has not been a band from which the school has previously selected, there is no guarantee that the oversubscribed band will remain at 101-105. There is no disadvantage to putting Wallace as first preference. A second, third, fourth or fifth preference application is treated the same as a first preference by the other schools.

The Principal and the Senior Management Team in Wallace recognise that this is a difficult process for many parents – we have all had children through the process ourselves in the last few years. The Principal will try to respond to all enquiries personally by phone or email.

Last modified: January 29, 2016