Awards Ceremony

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16806.jpgThe Wallace High School recently held a special afternoon ceremony for all those in the Junior School receiving special merit Awards. Pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 were joined by their families, Primary school teachers and Form staff at the event held in the school library. Presentations were made by Wallace Principal Mrs Anne McBride and Vice Chair of the Board of Governors, Mr Rowan Black.

Full list of award winners:

Year 8
Platinum Award winners
Neil Anderson, Adele Atchinson, Jamie Baird, Amy Beckett, Anna Beckett, Kirsten Belshaw, Emily Bowden, Aaron Callaghan, Philip Christie, Jonathan Coalter, Lynsey Chricton, Zara Gibson, Thomas Graham, Andrew Kendrew Jones, Laura McCollum, Jonathan McMurray, Paul Maguire, Emma Patterson, Glenn Reid, Megan Rooney, Oliver Rusk, Jonathan Scott, Andrew Smyth, Kirsty Stirling, Kathryn Wardil and Lianne Wilson.
Aaron Callaghan, Philip Christie, Amy Beckett, Emily Bowden and Glenn Reid.
Aaron Callaghan and Philip Christie.

Year 9
Platinum Award Winners
Sarah Biggerstaff, Alison Bready, Jacqueline Boyes, Gareth Boyes, Jordan Browne and Ryan Maxwell.
Alison Bready and Jordan Browne.

Year 10
Platinum Award
Jamie Clements, Andrew Oliver, Jamie Pow, Deborah Preshaw, Dean Presho and Rebecca Reid.
Diamond award
Dean Presho.

Last modified: February 24, 2016