Count On Me

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A pupil’s account of the Count on Me Experience. On the 7th February 2012 (Tuesday) W5 came to visit us.  They taught us about maths.

First they taught us about five numbers.  Afterwards we made a tune using boom whackers.  They played the tune twinkle twinkle little star.



After that they taught us about probability, they had 4 hats and 4 water pistols.  Under each hat was a water pistol but only 2 water pistols had water in them.  They picked 4 volunteers and each of them picked a water pistol, each one with water in it they allowed them to squirt at a teacher.  Most of the children squirted Mrs Wilson but when Jack in P.7 squirted her, she grabbed the water pistol off him and squirted everyone.




Later on, two W5 people came into our classroom and challenged us to do a K’nex challenge.  At the end of that challenge we had to build a car, unfortunately our team didn’t win but we did come in 4th place. 

We really did enjoy W5 coming to visit us and now we all love maths more than ever. 


By Trinity McCallan

Last modified: April 19, 2012