Filtering your home internet connection

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There are many options to help filter your internet at home and make it safer for yourself and your children. In this guide we are going to focus on a generic solution called OpenDNS which will work in all households. However, many internet providers now supply their own filters, for example:

BT Internet – BT Parental Controls
Talk Talk – HomeSafe
Sky – Sky Broadband Shield

If your provider supplies an internet filter service, we would advise that you use it as they are easier to set up and tend to have more options. They are also much harder for people in your house to bypass.

If your provider does not supply filtering with your connection, then you can use the guidance below to set up OpenDNS Family Shield on your home internet connection. This is a pre-configured internet filter that you cannot customise.

If you wish to have more control of the filtering, you will need to choose OpenDNS Home instead. The set up is a little more involved and is not covered in this guide; our intention is to give you a quick and easy filter to give peace of mind.

Click the link below to download the guide in PDF format.

Setting up OpenDNS Family Shield

Last modified: March 21, 2014