Health Option for Wallace

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21604.gifPupils at Wallace High School have been enjoying healthy options at lunchtimes with the introduction of a new sald bar in the school’s recently refurbished canteen. Approximately twenty mouthwatering varieties ar eavailable each day for staff and pupils to enjoy, including such exotic tastes such as Mediterranean couscous and Asian noodles, perfect for the summer weather which Lisburn has been experiencing recently.

The school is delighted by the success of the venture. Head of Home Economics Debbie Walalce commented, ” Both staff and pupils are really enjoying the extensive range of lovely salads produced by our canteen and this is a great way to encourage a more healthy approach to food in school. With government concern being so focused on the links between diet and health, both Home Economics and the provision of food in school play a crucial role in the future health of our young people. It is wonderful that the Wallace salad bar is so popular and that our pupils are making such healthy food choices.”

Last modified: February 24, 2016