Kidding around

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13105.jpgGenerous pupils at The Wallace High School have certainly not been “Kidding around” during the final days of term. Everyone at the Clonevin Park School has been busy collecting money for the Great Goat Challenge, with each class set aiming to buy at least one goat to help villages in the developing world.

David Mulholland from the School’s Charity Committee explained, “We are all very lucky to have so much at this time of year so we thought it would be a good idea to make a concerted effort to help others less fortunate. Research showed us that the Charity World Vision coordinate the purchase of goats for Third World villages in countries such as Mozambique. Goats really are a sustainable and everlasting gift at Christmas – they will provide food and income for villagers for many years.”

Miss Grace Bill , chair of the School’s charity committee, concluded, “We’re delighted that the Wallace pupils and staff gave so generously. We have raised over £1100 which is enough to buy 70 goats.”

Last modified: October 16, 2007