Mock Interviews

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020106.jpgWallace High School offered its Sixth years the opportunity to take part in mock interviews. Thirty minute interviews, staged by a panel of professionals from many walks of life including Law, healthcare and business, were followed by detailed debriefing sessions.

Assistant Head of Careers, Margaret Mitchell, explained, “These interviews are an important part of our careers schedule. Wallace pupils complete work experience during Lower Sixth and have had the opportunity to attend University Open Days and hear from various Admissions Officers. UCAS forms, for entry to UK universities, have recently been submitted. Many of our students have been invited to selection interviews over the coming weeks and a mock interview encourages preparation and reflection which will undoubtedly be of great benefit. We couldn’t offer this crucial opportunity without the support of the fifty interviewers who give their time so freely.

We at Wallace recognise that our interviewers have very busy lives and we are grateful for their time and expertise.” Upper Sixth pupil David Coulter , who hopes to become a Primary School teacher, added, “Whilst I was nervous before the interview I found the experience very worthwhile. I learnt a lot about the entry process to teacher training college from my interviewers and their feedback about my performance was very encouraging and constructive.”

Head of Careers Paul Beaton concluded, “The Upper Sixth mock interview evening gives Sixth Form students an opportunity to experience the realities and rigours of an interview. This is invaluable for them in respect of both their university application and future lives.”

Last modified: October 16, 2007