Our Great Outdoors

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We kept a close eye and ear on nature in October as we explored the Great Outdoors.

We loved shopping in our very own farm shop where we bought groceries 4p and under to

link in with our number of the month. Our colour was brown which prompted us to look at

all the lovely autumnal colours.


We were very fortunate this month as some of our parents were very involved in making

the topic interesting. We had one mother coming in to talk to us about life on a farm. She

showed us photographs of their cattle, farm machinery and even brought us in some crops

straight from the field and what it might end up as for example weetabix. Continuing on

with our farm shop theme we had a real hands on experience of milking a cow. A kind

grandfather brought in his live size Daisy the cow. We had great fun milking her although

her milk was a little watery!



We had great fun exploring the autumn leaves. We gathered them on dry days, we sorted

them, counted them and made patterns. We even put them in the order that they change

colour. This topic provided us with facts on the animals that hibernate and how they

prepare themselves for their hibernation.


Towards the end of October we enjoyed a visit from Divjot’s mother who talked to us about

Diwali. We thought our friend was so lucky to have two Christmases so close together but

we were lucky too as we made lovely candle holders with clay. The girls loved having a

bidet placed on their forehead. We ended our celebration of Diwali by enjoying some

home cooked food made by Divjot’s mum. His granny had even sent us, fromEngland,

delicious sweets.



Our first half term entertained us with our first party together. The night before we finished

school we had a spooktacular time at our Pumpkin Fest. All the children in the prep were

given a pumpkin that was carved, under our careful direction, by some mummys. All of the

pumpkins were lit and they looked terrific. We had so much fun at the party as we walked

on a ‘scary trail’, ate yummy treats including pumpkin soup, had tatoos and our nails

painted. The next day we came into school in our scary costumes and had another party.

We have had a fantastic October.

Last modified: November 11, 2011