Platinum Awards Ceremony at Wallace High School

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The Wallace High School held their annual Platinum Awards Ceremony on Monday to celebrate the achievements of pupils in the current Year 8.
These awards recognise the achievements of pupils who gain merit marks throughout the year for their contribution to curricular and extra curricular activities within the school and included two Diamond awards for Jessica Heath and Peter Scott who both achieved over 75 merits. Saffron Cairns, Matthew Allen, Hannah Harding,  Rebecca Lynn,  Erin McCandless, Naomi McCord and Shannon Thompson received their Platinum awards for gaining over 50 merits throughout the year. Twenty three pupils were also presented awards for becoming “Word Millionaires” having read over one million words in Year 8, including Jessica Heath who read over four and a half million.
Commenting on the ceremony, Head of Year Norma Cairns said: “This is always a special day in the school calendar as it recognises the achievements of our Year 8 pupils throughout their first year in the school. The pupils enjoy collecting merits and those awarded their certificates today should be very proud of their success.”

Last modified: July 3, 2012