Prep. Nativity and Christmas Show

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In the Preparatory Department this Christmas we decided to take an unusual slant on the traditional nativity play.  The pupils of P4-P7 took part in  This fun Christmas musical by Sheila Wilson, tells the traditional biblical nativity story, while mixing in vocabulary and jokes that the children enjoyed.  A mobile phone for Joseph to book a room? Wise Men buying gifts online? No………. only in their dreams.

The piece comprises of five catchy songs in a variety of styles plus some hand jives and accompanying kazoos.  Great fun for everyone involved while the message of the Nativity remains one of peace, hope and joy in abundance.



p1-p4 children this Christmas took part in Whoops-a-daisy angel.  This is the delightful story of an angel who is different from the rest she makes mistakes, is forgetful, clumsy and dresses untidily.  She has, however a heart of gold and never complain, so one day she is given a very important job to do, and manages to do it perfectly.

Well that was the script……… add to that a shepherd whose face was entirely covered by his head gear and wise men who hurled their precious gifts on top of the poor baby in the manger! Note to self- next year remind the children to very gently, place their gifts beside the manger and not on the baby’s head!



All good fun and enjoyed by all the children plus a large audience of delighted supporters and parents.  As Mrs Latham said “It wasn’t perfect in Bethlehem either”.

Last modified: June 16, 2020