Wallace Enters Digital Video Realm

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12504.gifWallace have been combining ICT and digital video recently in two major projects. The introduction of a new high speed internet connection has allowed A-level Chemistry students to receive additional tuition from expertise off site. Students were able to interact with top academics by means of a live video conference using the latest, cutting edge technology.

The Sixth years were able to interact as if the lecturer was in the same room as well as using the latest whiteboard technology to visualise chemical formula.

Mr David Cleland, Wallace’s ICT coordinator, commented, “The technology is relatively simple yet the quality of broadcast is excellent. Our conferencing really allows users to communicate as if the same room and the Wallace pupils are completely natural with communicating digitally”

The school has also been broadcasting developments of the new Wallace courtyard mosaic live via the school website. A camera has been set up which broadcasts pictures from the school directly to a webpage where they can be viewed world wide. This is a considerable step and the school hope to be providing live webcasts of school productions in the near future.

Also being piloting at Wallace is a range of mobile conferencing systems which use the school network to allow voice calls between staff. The mix of digital video and ICT has facilitated the school in developing DVD production of a number of school music events and is a technology being explored in the classroom.

These innovations in ICT follow on from Wallace’s leading role in the implementation of C2K, the province wide computer network for schools.

Earlier in this academic year Wallace was the pilot school for this multi million pound project. Pupils too have been working at the cutting edge of ICT. With Wallace Sixth years having enjoyed success in 2003’s School and University Internet Awards for website design, the Senior Young Enterprise company, ‘ Arriba’, recently won the “Best Use of ICT” Award at the South Eastern finals.

Last modified: February 24, 2016