Wallace go Wifi

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5704.gifWallace High School is once again at the cutting edge of developments in educational ICT. Following Wallace’s role as a pilot school for C2K networking at the start of this academic year, Wallace has been chosen as one of four schools in Northern Ireland to participate in the WIFI pilot.

Wallace’s ICT coordinator David Cleland explained, “A wifi network offers the ability to share computer resources such as printers and surf the net without cables and connections. Wifi enabled laptops allow our teachers to access information stored on Wallace’s network from any location.
5704c.jpgWe curently have 30 wifi enabled devices which include Personal Digital Assistants and the latest tablet PCs. The concept of network roaming affords staff and pupils a the opportunity of accessing resources remotely, thus creating a more efficient way to work.”

David went on to explain the technology behind the latest developments, ” Wireless networking means that numerous access points have been located throughout the school. Enabled laptops can connect to these points, reducing the need for expensive cabling. A range of up to 100 metres is possible, allowing flexible secure access to the network.”

This C2K initiative is a first step to a completely wireless local area network and Wallace will be working closely with C2K during the pilot, offering feedback based on experience which will help C2K implement new technology throughout Northern Ireland. Already 50% of the extensive Wallace buildings have wifi coverage and it is expected that the entire site will have coverage within months.

5704a.gifJunior pupils in Wallace have also been working hard in ICT, with all year 10 pupils creating a CCEA ( Council for Examinations and
Assessment) portfolio.

88% of Wallace pupils have achieved, the highest level attainable, in the portfolio which included work from the Home Economics, Technology, Mathematics and Modern Languages Departments, covering skills such as communication, measurement and control and information handling.

David Cleland commented, “We are thrilled that so many of our pupils achieved such high levels in this standardised scheme. NITEC Solutions have generously offered to supply a cup and annual prize for the best KS3 portfolio, which will act as a motivational tool and a reward for excellence in ICT.”

Last modified: February 24, 2016