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7103.gifFriday 6th December saw the official opening of the Wallace High School Young Enterprise Company, Ignite. The company, which was involved in raising nearly £100 for Children in Need, was formed in September as part of the International Young Enterprise Achievers scheme.

The company attended their first trade fair in Coleraine sporting not only their flagship product, ‘Ignition’ but also fresh off the press was ‘Cupid’s Crazy Captions’. ‘Cupid’s Crazy Captions’ – a book of valentines verses is an essential reference guide for anyone trying to impress this February.

After much preparation the team`s vibrant new company blasted its way onto the market. An early start saw the team in Coleraine by 9.00am and a successful day of trading was quickly in full swing. Throughout the day both products proved very popular, especially ‘Cupid’s Crazy Captions’ which brought a tremendous amount of sales. By the end of the day, to the delight of Ignite they managed to sell 25% of the stock of ‘Ignition’.

The game generated a great deal of interest from both the public, other companies and not to mention the event judges. The day proved a huge success for the company, not only through sales but it also helped the team gain valuable experience in sales and marketing techniques. Their next Trade Fair is at the Bloomfield Centre, Bangor in January and clearly they are confident of another successful day of trading.

About Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise Northern Ireland (YENI) is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower and educate young people in Northern Ireland about business and entrepreneurship. Founded in 1985, YENI provides a range of programs and resources designed to inspire and equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in the world of work and business. Through partnerships with schools, businesses, and volunteers, YENI offers hands-on experiences, mentoring, and competitions that encourage students to develop entrepreneurial thinking, financial literacy, and teamwork. Their mission is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and equip young people with the tools for future success.

Last modified: September 20, 2023