Admissions 2012

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On Tuesday 29th May parents will receive letters confirming the allocation of places into Year 8. The Wallace High School carried the same procedures as in previous years :

Stage 1: This year, as in the previous 2 years, the 170th place was in the band 101-105. In this band 21 pupils out of a total of 67 were successful in securing a place after the Stage 2 procedures had been applied.

Stage 2: Within this band the remaining places were allocated using the non-academic criteria as far as:

e) Children who have a parent who was a pupil of the School, and,

f) Children who are transferring from primary schools from which the School has received pupils within the last five years and who are the elder/eldest children in their respective families or who are the first in the family to transfer to a mainstream school or who are the only child in their family.

As we were oversubscribed in these criteria random selection was used to determine which pupils would gain a place.

Last modified: August 30, 2012