Dine and Delhi

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Principal Deborah O’Hare hosted a very successful fundraiser at local Indian restaurant Spice in aid of the school’s trip to Delhi in October with the charity Asha. Founded in 1988 by Dr Kiran Martin the charity works in partnership with slum communities to improve living conditions and access to health care, financial services and education. Asha’s programmes are considered models of their kind and in just over 25 years the charity has revolutionised the lives and aspirations of young people living in the slums. Over 400,000 people have been supported through the charity’s work and a university education has become an attainable goal for slum dwellers.

Diners were “encouraged” on arrival at Spice to participate in a Bollywood style photo booth with suitably colonial style accessories. Headgear varied from a golden turban to an Edwardian style top hat; participants could also tame a (cuddly) lion and wield a (mock) rifle!


Prior to the meal two of the student members of the team, Richard Gill and Jenna Robinson, spoke to the audience about the contribution the team expects to make to the work. The students, accompanied on the trip by Mrs O’Hare, Mrs Moyra Richardson, Miss Victoria Walsh and Dr Liam Halferty, will help to refurbish and equip Asha’s community based Health Centre and Children’s Resource Centre at Mayapuri. They will also conduct workshops, lead Art and Craft sessions, teach English and spend time with pupils and students of varied ages.

Richard said “We are really passionate about the work Asha is doing and we are conscious that as students of Wallace we are so privileged. We are all looking forward to contributing to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves and we know that we are going to see and experience a world dramatically different to our own.”


The wider school community has been assisting in the fundraising ; donations have been given by the school’s Rotary Interact group who ran a stylish Gatsby film night whilst half the proceeds from Christmas Pie were given to the cause. The next Asha fundraiser is a performance of The Dining Room by the Bart Players.

Speaking after the event Mrs O’Hare noted “This has been a great evening for everyone who attended. I am very grateful to Tony and the staff of Spice for hosting our event and preparing such a delicious menu. Thanks to all who attended – the student team members, teachers, parents, governors, friends and members of the Rotary community. I am really looking forward to accompanying the group to India and I know our students will rise to the physical and emotional challenges of the trip.”

Last modified: December 15, 2019