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The 2010 -11 edition of Esperance which provides, as ever, a window into the busy life of Wallace High School.The PDF download (50mb) is viewable on iPad and both Mac and Windows.

Even by our standards, this was a year of remarkable successes and achievements. The Year 12 students, long acclaimed by their teachers as an outstanding group of young people, proved that their teachers’ faith had not been misplaced when they produced our best ever GCSE results.

At A2 our students also excelled with the majority winning the coveted prize of their first choice university course and some individual students attaining their aspirations of the “dreaming spires”. Economic conditions have led us all to be proactive in searching out financial support for our students and we were thrilled when not one but two of our students gained a JP McManus bursary worth £5,000 per annum.

As you read the text and view the images contained in this publication you will see how individual departments interpret our core values of commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence. Whilst inevitably the departmental reports will contain details about individual students what shines through is the aspiration and commitment of our teachers to enthuse, enable and empower all our young people.

Together we try to cherish our past, celebrate our present and build the future. Departmental reports will show you, the reader, the impact of Wallace’s commitment to innovative and progressive educational experiences.

Sir Richard Wallace gifted to the people of Lisburn a school to serve all its people. Our aim is to equip our students to go out into the world as confident, mature and reflective young people determined to make a real contribution to the 21st century world they call their own. I hope that the readers of this magazine be they pupils, former pupils, staff, parents or friends of the school find in these pages the spirit of our school family which is best embodied in our motto Esperance.

My thanks go to our editor Mrs Julie Dumigan, her editorial teams of staff and students and to all those who have contributed to this celebratory account of our school’s life and experiences.

Mrs D. O’Hare

“Another innovation for the magazine itself ; we have for the first time been able to include two photographs in it”. (Esperance Christmas 1946)

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Last modified: March 20, 2012