Executive Council

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The School Council at The Wallace High School was recently elected by the students to represent the student body in a variety of issues.  In total almost 80 pupils are elected to the various Form Councils.  These in turn feed into the 14 member Executive Council.  The Executive Council meets once a term and it gives an opportunity for the representatives to learn more of and discuss many areas of school life.

In the January Executive Council meeting the issues of interest brought by the students included Target Setting (an initiative to help students focus on strategies for improvement), uniform, lunch provision, the iPad initiative in Years 8-10 and sporting provision.  Each of these engendered much discussion around the table and many suggestions arose from the meeting.

Commenting on the Council, Vice Principal Alastair Craig said: “The purpose of any student council is to give students a meaningful say in matters affecting them and also to help them understand the many difficult decisions that have to be made in running a large school.  It is fair to say that our Council members take their role very seriously and through their contributions and debate not only does the school benefit from their insight but they too develop the skills of communication, negotiation and problem solving.”

Last modified: March 16, 2012