Gifted and Talented at Wallace

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The well embedded provision of support for gifted students within Wallace High School continues to flourish, with no fewer than nine students from Year 13 being awarded places on residential programmes which are specifically geared towards preparing young people for the application process and study at some of the UK’s leading universities.

To date, eight students have been awarded places on residential programmes organised by Villiers Park. Villiers Park is an educational trust which aims to help able young people to develop a passion for learning and the study and life skills to ensure they reach their full academic potential. Villiers Park is committed to ensuring that gifted and talented students from a range of backgrounds gain places at leading universities and thrive once there.


Villiers Park has grown from its roots as Eton Manor Boys’ Club which was designed to provide opportunities for young boys growing up in inner city London to its current incarnation outside the university hub of Cambridge in purpose built accommodation where participating students receive tuition from Oxbridge academics whilst enjoying debate and discussion with other academically gifted students, giving the young people a genuine opportunity to bond with others.

The Villiers Park residential courses cover a range of subject areas with engaging themes such as Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice and Mathematics: Chaos or Clear Cut? Demand for courses has become higher every year and Wallace can feel proud of its tradition of winning places annually. The courses are specifically designed to encourage and challenge students at AS level who are considering applying for the top universities in the UK. Previous attendees from Wallace have found the experience invaluable in helping them secure and prepare for interviews for Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities.


As well as the course on offer at Villiers Park, Year 13 students are encouraged to apply for places on the summer schools run by Sutton Trust which take place at leading universities throughout the UK in a range of subject areas. Oxford University also hosts its own summer school each year, called UNIQ. As with Villiers Park, demand for places on these courses is high and Wallace has a strong tradition of students winning places on these courses annually.

This year, two students from Year 13 have been successful in being awarded places at the UNIQ summer school. Thomas Storey and Kathryn Yeow will attend Oxford University for a week during the summer holiday to experience lectures, tutorials and receive guidance on applying to this world leading university.


The Wallace High School places a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils. Miss Heather Gracey the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Mr Michael Lowry, the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, are working with pupils and staff to ensure that those who have a particular academic gift or a talent that reaches beyond the classroom are given the best opportunity to meet their potential. Indeed, the quality of standards and attainment throughout the school was highlighted in January when the verdict of the inspectors was that “Standards and achievements are outstanding” within the school.

Everyone at Wallace wishes the students who have benefited from the Gifted and Talented programme all the best in their future studies.

Last modified: March 17, 2017