Good Behaviour at School

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The Department of Education for Northern Ireland have published information that suggests a number of ways for schools, parents and pupils to help each other.

To support their children and the school, parents should:

  • get to know the school policy about promoting good behaviour and support it
  • encourage their children to obey the school’s rules and to show respect for other pupils, school staff and property
  • make sure their children have all they need for school and have done their homework
  • respond quickly to concerns raised by the school
  • make every effort to come to parent evenings, progress and career meetings
  • take part in the life of the school
  • treat school staff with the respect they would expect to receive themselves
  • tell the school promptly of any concern about their children

To co-operate with parents and pupils, schools will:

  • be warm, welcoming and safe places
  • treat pupils fairly and with respect
  • give pupils advice on how they can improve
  • give pupils support if they are bullied or abused or have other problems affecting their education
  • tell parents about anything which affects them or their children
  • work with parents in carrying out their policies
  • involve parents and children in key decisions about their education
  • tell parents promptly about any concerns
  • respond sensitively to any concern raised by parents or pupils

To benefit from school, pupils should:

  • come to school each day and on time
  • come to school with all they need and with their homework done
  • learn, understand and obey the school rules
  • work as hard as they can in class
  • respect the right of other pupils to learn and the teachers’ duty to teach
  • behave safely at break times and not do anything likely to upset or hurt others
  • treat other pupils with respect and not bully
  • respect school property

The document is available in a range of translations from the Department of Education Website. Click here to visit the site. 

Last modified: May 17, 2017